Amount of parcels from China was dramatically increased for the last years. More and more people trying to purchase different goods directly from China. That is why China Post Tracking problem become so important. We will describe the most popular ways to track packages from China and analyze their pros and cons.

1. Track Chinapost is the most popular site. On this site you can track packages that has been sent by some other postal services from China. But it has one main disadvantage: you need to enter CAPTCHA everytime when you need to track you parcel. Just imagine how many time you'll waste if try to track 5 different parcels!

2. Of course, there are some other sites which provides the same functionality without entering CAPTCHA. For example, 17 Track can do that for you. But try to use this site and let us know how long it took you to find and use their package tracking service :-).

3. Still looking for fast and convenient way to track China Post parcels? We can suggest you to install special browser extension which will keep information about all your packages and update it every hour.

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