Official postal services of many countries use special tracking numbers for international packages. These tracking numbers are used to check the location of deliveries. Generally tracking numbers comply to unified international UPU standard called S10. In accordance with this standard, a tracking number consist of a two letter at the start, an eight digit number, a check-digit (checksum) and a two-letter ISO country code. For example: XX123456789YY.

XX – postal service that has sent a package.

12345678 – unique code to identify a package.

9 – check-digit that is used to avoid any mistakes in processing emails by automatic sorting systems.

YY – two letter ISO 3166-1 sender country code.

As you can see, there is no any information about destination country in a tracking number. There are some small package delivering services which don't follow official requirements. For example, the next tracking numbers belongs to Chinese postal services: RH*********HK, U**********YP.

You can find location of your package by tracking number on a site of the postal service which has sent your parcel. Or install convenient browser extension which will allow you to track many parcels, receive notifications about any changes and etc. Among all other features it has an ability to validate tracking number checksum.

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